Brunch Menu


20% gratuity will be added to parties of 6 or more
We only split checks 3 ways maximum
4% surcharge on all credit card payments

Breakfast Tacos ( comes with a salad ) $11      gf
w/ egg, home fries, bacon, green chile, avocado, cheese, pico de gallo and pickled onion served on flour or corn tortillas
-add sausage or pulled pork +$2 

Breakfast Burro ( comes with a salad ) $11
w/egg, home fries, bacon, green chile, avocado, and cheese
-get it smothered in verde sauce and topped with crema +$2
– add sausage or pulled pork + $2

Classic B-Fast  $11
2 eggs over medium w/ home fries, toast, and house jam
-add bacon or house-ground sausage +$3

Vegan Breakfast Scramble   $12
Tofu, roasted corn, borracho beans, zucchini, yellow squash, green chile, onion, spinach, avocado
w/ home fries, toast and jam

Vegan Tallboy Tots    $12    gf
Bowl of tots with tofu-rizo & spinach topped
vena pesto, sambal, pickled onion &  avocado

Tallboy Tots    $13      gf
2 eggs over medium, cheese, green chile, and bacon, smothered in chipotle crema, and pesto sauce / topped with pico de gallo, pickled onions, green onion, cilantro and avocado on TOTS
-add sausage or pulled pork + $2

Biscuits & Gravy     $11
home-made biscuits over home fries covered in house made sausage gravy topped with an egg, green onion and our signature spice blend
-add bacon or sausage + $2

Huevos Rancheros $13
2 over medium eggs on a cripspy corn tortilla, beans and potatoes. Smothered in verde and rojo sauce, topped w/ cotija, pico, pickled onions, crema, cilantro and green onions
-add pulled pork, sausage or bacon + $2

Pork Hash     $13    gf
Pulled pork and home fry hash topped w/ 2 eggs, verde sauce, cotija, crema and cilantro -add sausage or bacon + $2

Breakfast Toasts ( comes with salad or add homefries + $2 ) -smoked salmon, avocado, herbed goat cheese & egg       $14
-avocado, herbed goat cheese & egg     $11
( w/ pea shoots & balsamic reduction )

Corn Cakes
-real maple syrup & warm butter $10
-fresh fruit, yogurt, house jam, smoked nuts and honey $12
– green chiles, cheese, beans, 2 eggs, topped w/ sour cream, pico, pickled onions, green onions, cilantro and side of salsa $14

Yogurt Bowl $9      gf
w/ fresh fruit, house jam, smoked nuts, and honey


soups and chef salad served with grilled bread (substitute gluten free bread +$1)
All salads can be made gluten free–please ask your server

Chips & Salsa  $5   W/ Guac or Queso + $3

LaCo Nacho  $12
Corn tortilla chips, queso, jalapenos, crema, tamarind BBQ sauce, guacamole, pico de gallo, and pickled onions
-add pulled pork, pulled jackfruit, smoked chicken, or barbacoa +$4

Green Chile Quesadilla $11
Cheese, guacamole, green chiles, crema, salsa
-add chicken, pulled jackfruit, pulled pork, barbacoa, or roasted vegetables +$4

Chile Relleno $11
Polenta crusted poblano, salsa verde, salsa rojo,
crema & guac

Chicken Wings $11
6 wings tossed in house-made buffalo or tamarind BBQ sauce
served with bleu cheese or ranch dressing.

Polenta Fries $11
Topped with cotija and chipotle crema. 

TB Tiny Tots $11
Tots, bacon, green chiles, cheese, chipotle crema,
pesto crema, green onions & cilantro
– add pulled pork or barbacoa  +  $4


Chef Salad $15
Greens, herbed goat cheese, bacon, hard boiled egg tomato, cucumber, radish and micros served w/ chef dressing

Taco Salad    $15

Greens, roasted vegetables, rice, borracho beans, pickled onions, salsa, crema, and guacamole in a crispy flour tortilla bowl -Served with a choice of barbacoa, chicken, pulled pork, salmon, or pulled jackfruit

Soup of the Day 

Cup- $5          Bowl – $7


Comes with choice of seasoned fries. tots, garden salad, coleslaw, or fruit
and are served on fresh baked artisan bread (substitute gluten free bread +$2)

Burger      $13
6 oz. house-ground burger with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, and mayo served on a house brioche bun
-add: cheddar, herbed goat cheese, jalapeno +$1
-add: bacon +$2

TallBoys Burger    $16
6 oz. house-ground burger with cheese, bacon, green chile, avocado, onion and chipotle crema on a house brioche bun

B.A.T. L.E.G Sandwich $14
Bacon or turkey bacon, avocado, tomato, lettuce, fried egg, and herbed goat cheese, and balsamic reduction served on sliced sourdough 



Veggie Burger   $12     gf
House veggie burger recipe
with lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber, and pesto aioli
served on house gluten free bun
-add: cheddar, bleu cheese, provolone, green chiles, grilled onions +$1 -add: bacon, turkey bacon, or avocado +$2

Pulled Pork -or- Pulled Jackfruit $13

Smoked pulled pork -or- jackfruit, slaw, tobacco onions, tamarind BBQ sauce, served on a house brioche bun


Smothered Burrito   $16

Flour tortilla, borracho beans, Spanish rice, roasted vegetables, cheese, pico de gallo, topped with salsa rojo, salsa verde, drizzled with crema
– served with barbacoa, chicken, pulled pork, salmon, or jackfruit
– Make it a Chimi + $1                    

Taco Plate    $14      gf
3 tacos served with slaw, gaucamole, pico de gallo, cotija and a side of beans, and escabeche
-served with barbacoa, chicken, pulled pork, salmon, or jackfruit

Potato Soft Tacos      $11          gf
3 tacos w/ tots, cheese, lettuce, cabbage, avocado &  chipotle crema served on flour tortillas (or corn if you please)
w/ side of salsa

homefries, tots or fries – $4
bowl of tots or fries – $6
fruit – $5
bacon, sausage or chorizo – $3
pulled pork – $3
avocado – $2
smoked salmon – $5
slaw – $3

2 tortillas – $2
single corn cake – $5 
side salad – $5.50
toast – $3
biscuit or english muffin – $4
2 eggs – $4
beans or rice – $4

  N/A Beverages

Drip coffee – $3.50
Cold brew – $5
Espresso – $3
Latte – $5
Cappuccino –  $4
Orange Juice  – $4
Ice tea – $3.50
black, green or mint 
Lemonade – $3.50
Hibiscus Lemonade – $4.50
Ginger Lemon Tea (iced or hot) – $4.50
Soda – $3.50


Classic House Cocktails

House Margarita $8
add: ginger, hibiscus, strawberry
tamarind or jalapeño
+ $1

Desert Rose  $10
hibiscus margarita w/ 
a taste of mezcal and rose water

Bloody Mary $9
TallBoys bloody mix, vodka, lime, lemon, fixin’s

 Mimosa $6

OJ & bubbly

Duke Cukem $12
mezcal, tripple sec, lime cucumber syrup, cilantro bitters

Old Fashioned $10
whiskey, simple syrup, bitters, orange peel

Mojito $8
mint infused rum, lime simple syrup, soda water

 Lemon Drop $8
Vodka, lemon, simple syrup or sub giner syrup

Sangria $8
House Sangria

Rosemary Collins $10
Rosemary gin, lemon, simple syrup, soda water

Brass Monkey $6

Pink 75 $11
Gin, lemon juice, simple syrup, hibiscus, champagne


Specialty House Cocktails

ST  MARYS  $12
Mezcal, lime, simple syrup, poblano tequila,
grapefruit juice

Tequila, strawberry syrup, lemon, amaro del capo topped off with prosseco

Rum, pimms, grenadine, orange, lemon

 SWAN RD    $10
Bourbon, pineapple, blue curaçao, lime

AJO WAY    $10
Vodka, tamarind, cucumber syrup,
lime, tajin rim

Gin, honey, lemon, aloe liqueur,
creme de violette


House red  – Protocolo (spain)  $8
Classic table red, red fruit with classic notes of vanilla and spice

House White  – Vieille Ferme (france)  $8
Light green apple, pear and citrus notes

Tinto Negro Malbec (Mendoza, Argentina)  $9
Soft black fruit/ plum notes with light oak aging

Heineken 0.0  $5
Hop Water $6


Ask your servers for drafts


Rolling Rock 4
Tecate 4
Austin Eastciders   6

Make any Beer a Michilada + $3


Pabst Blue Ribbon 5

Angry Orchard  7

Bell’s 2 Hearted  8

Bell’s Oberon  7

Coors Banquet  6

Dos XX 7

Barrio Blonde   7

Pizza Port Amber   7

Firestone 805  6

Potosi Grapefruit Hefeweizen   7

Voodoo Ranger Juicy IPA    11

Weekend Vibes IPA   7
Modern Times Fruitlands Gose   7

Guiness   8

La Cumbre Hefenweizer  7

Rogue Dead Guy Ale 8

Miller Light 6


White Claw 7

Michelob Ultra  7

Stella Artois  7

Kilt Lifter  8

Glutenberg (gluten free)


Make any Beer a Michilada + $3